Digital tools will modernize the social investments

The Istoki Endowment Fund postpones the discussion on the topic meaningful to the professional community until this autumn.

The discussion “A unified database of Russian endowments: a factor of industry consolidation or still a very distant reality?”, organized by the Istoki Endowment Fund with assistance from the National University of Science and Technology MISiS, was scheduled to take place on March 26 as part of the IV International Forum “Endowments 2020. Collaboration Space”. Given the unfavorable epidemiological situation, the event is postponed until the autumn 2020.

“The health and safety of our colleagues and partners in the field of endowments and social investments are our highest priorities, – said Vladimir Marchenko, director of the Istoki Endowment Fund. – In the circumstances, we decided to reschedule the discussion on creating a unified database of endowments to a later date, when we can be sure that there is no risk of coronavirus infection. Nevertheless, we continue to work actively and keep in touch using digital and online tools, which allows us to accelerate the improvement of financing of social program and projects of public importance. We express our sincere appreciation to everyone who showed interest in the proposed topic, who registered as a participant. I am sure that together we will overcome the temporary difficulties and will soon be able to enrich the formats of our events again”.

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