Istoki Endowment Fund introduces a review on giving in the USA

Istoki Endowment Fund published on its page on the Yandex-Zen platform (Russian Endowment channel) a review on development of the American philanthropy market

The Istoki Endowment Fund opens a series of publications on the Russian Endowment channel on development of endowments and philanthropy abroad. The first one tells you about the world’s largest philanthropy market in the USA. In 2017, giving in this country increased by 5.2%, for the first time exceeded the US$ 400 billion mark, according to Giving USA report. As the experts observed, the giving increased due to the fast-growing stock market and a favorable economic situation. Americans donated to charitable foundations 15.5% (13.1% adjusted for inflation) more than in 2016, but they donated less to international projects. In total US citizens donated $ 410.02 billion ($ 1261 for every American) according to the report.