In 2019 year

Income from trust and management of property and fund amounted to
₽ 108 613 000
to the endowment capital of the Istoki Foundation amounted to
₽ 40 157 000
The remuneration of the management company was
₽ 6 932 000

Fund assets structure
Fund's net assets as of December 31, 2019

₽ 867 276 000
corporate bonds
of Russian issuers
taking into account ICD
₽ 806 000
in the account
₽ 141 071 000
for the federal loan
taking into account NKD
In 2019, the income from the management of the target
capital in the amount of 91.2 million rubles by decision
Of the Board of Trustees of the Trust Fund
capital "Istoki" was distributed
in the following way:
85 mln
Support of the Fund of the Apostle
Andrew the First-Called
7 mln
Administrative expenses
of the Endowment Fund "Istoki"
3 mln
Financing of the competition among NGOs involved in systematic support of the institution of the family in Russia
2 mln
Financing of the scholarship program of the Baltic State Technical University "Voenmech"
1 mln
Support of the International Charitable Foundation named after
D. S. Likhacheva